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Open License

This license allows you to make content compatible with Neurocity, Warpland, and/or Hell Night. In the case of Warpland, these terms supersede those stated in the book.

If you adhere to all terms herein, you may publish free or commercial content for, and declare compatibility with, any of the games named above. You retain the copyright to your own original work and aren’t required to pay any royalties.

You may reference and reiterate the rules and mechanics of the games listed above.

You may not reproduce images or text from the core books, any official supplements, or any other third-party content published by others under this license.

You may not state or imply that Gavriel Quiroga sponsors or endorses your product in any way.

Gavriel Quiroga takes no responsibility for legal disputes, claims, or other action taken against any products published under this license.

Any legal disputes, claims, or other action related to this license will be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of, and settled within the legal system of, the United States of America.

Your content may not explicitly or implicitly malign or encourage discrimination or violence against any person or group on the basis of race, gender, sex, sexual orientation, faith, ethnicity, or descent.

You must legibly reproduce the following text in the published work and on any web pages or other platforms used to distribute it: “[Title of your work] is an independent production by [your name] and is not affiliated with Gavriel Quiroga. [Neurocity/Warpland/Hell Night] is copyright Gavriel Quiroga.”

This license’s terms and conditions may be altered or waived with specific written consent from Gavriel Quiroga.

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