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A doom biker RPG artbook inspired by badass metal covers. Ride beyond and behold.


My Work

An original dark science fantasy setting inspired in Heavy Metal comics and psychedelia.


Neurocity is a subterranean city complex crowned by a glitched digital sun ruled by an ever watchful supercomputer named I.S.A.C.


“As a form of complex, interactive media, NEUROCITY allows players to explore pressing modern problems, inhabit and understand them, and begin using their own personal knowledge to develop strategies for resistance.”

see full Liber Ludorum review

“The resolution system, more focused on narrative outcomes than “realism” or “simulation”, is simple but effective, and wonderfully integrated with virtually all the elements of the setting. Neurocity is a wonderful model of coherence of mechanics, setting and themes.”

see full Axian Spice review

 ¨I just have to say that this is one of the most beautiful books I’ve ever read. I have a degree in graphic design and I am mesmerized by the art and the layout. ¨

Mark Craddock, Crossplanes, reviewing Warpland

“Mechanically the game is sound if not revolutionary, thematically it is familiar yet unique, and play-wise it could run the entire spectrum between loot n’ shoot recon in a rusted vista, via cloak and dagger machinations in a world of secrecy, paranoia and duty, all the way through to a confrontation with our notions and beliefs regarding technology, information and the self.”

see full Mongol Cult Review
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